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Version 12 has a desktop app for the intranet that works on both Windows (download) and Mac (download).

This app lets you replace whatever traditional internal messenger you are using now completely.

Without opening a browser, the desktop app lets employees stay in touch. Personal messages, notifications from the Activity Stream, likes and comments, and incoming task notifications are also visible through the app.

Right now, the desktop serves as a corporate messenger, but in the upcoming release it will begin to work with network file storages (your files in Bitrix24 or Bitrix Intranet will automatically be synchronized with files on your computer).

The desktop app and the mobile version turn your intranet, whether on Bitrix24 or Bitrix Intranet, a fully interactive, go-anywhere digital workplace.




For the desktop application to run in conjunction with your installation of Bitrix Intranet, the following product modules must be installed: Instant Messenger (not lower than 12.1.0 ), Push&Pull (not mandatory, but highly recommended).

Additionally, the Push and Pull module needs to be configured so that push-notifications operate properly. For detailed information, see the training course.

The above-mentioned modules are available in the distribution kit of Bitrix Intranet Version 12, and existing users can receive them through the updates system and install them in the ‘Modules’ section of Settings in the Control Panel.
Tahir Moosa
12/27/2012 13:11:58
What About incorporaing "Growl" notification
Dear Ana,

Thank you for sharing this, We are using Miranda (on Windows) and Adium (on Mac) and we are blessed with "Growl" notification on Mac and add-on On Miranda which pops up the notification rite top of the screen as sticky (user have options to set preferences for these).
Practically speaking we are bound to this functionality and cant live without it. Can we expect such functionality or interfacing with growl like other vendors?
Anna Slyshkina
12/27/2012 17:51:23
Hello Tahir,

As you know there are different kinds of notifications sent by the product, they are not only in plain text, but some require an action to be performed, eg. accept an invitation. These messages use html + javascript + API and Growl doesn't support this. We discussed the issue but are not ready to modify all notifications to be in text format.
Tahir Moosa
12/27/2012 17:56:18
So do you guys considering having this functionality in desktop app?
Anna Slyshkina
12/27/2012 18:00:38
We have considered it and have decided against it for the present time.
Tahir Moosa
12/27/2012 18:02:29
will look forward for the feature impatiently!
Shivam Parikh
11/19/2013 14:46:08
Not safe - Opinion of a CIO
Employees could use this for data leakage by taking their data outside the organization. I believe this is not an ideal software that allows you to create a shared drive at home. There should be ways or options to secure this.
Anna Slyshkina
11/19/2013 16:51:56
There are of course many, many ways for data leakage to occur or that malicious employees can use, e.g. hard drives, flash drives, online data storages etc.
What you can do is:
1. require a nondisclosure agreement to be signed by your employees
2. prohibit usage of personal devices (like laptops) at work
3. close access to your intranet (using the Stop list tool in the Proactive Protection module) by IP.
Veikko Skurnik
11/23/2013 20:14:40
System requirements
I'm trying to get the Windows desktop client to work under Linux with Wine. With Wine 1.7.6 the client installs and I can start the client and log in. However, the program crashes when either somebody else sends an IM message or the file sync displays a notification (or more precisely when the notification closes). I'm suspecting that this could be caused by some Windows component missing from my Wine installation but I haven't been able to find out which one. Maybe if I could get the system requirements of the client it could point me into the right direction.

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Anna Slyshkina
11/25/2013 18:03:22
We didn't specifically set the goal of the app working under Linux with Wine and didn't test this. We are going to release a Linux app version, but I cannot say for sure, when it will be available.
Roberto Verdino
01/24/2014 18:59:00
desktop client SSL configuration
How can I configure the desktop client to connect to SSL server? using just the domain name I get an error: Could not establish server connection.
Anna Slyshkina
01/27/2014 11:59:49
You should just enter a domain name, no additional settings for the SSL connection are required. But if you are using a proxy-server, please follow the recomendations from this blog post.
If you still have any questions, please contact our Helpdesk.
Roberto Verdino
01/27/2014 12:15:23
I'm in a dev environment and the ssl certificate is not valid... maybe this is the problem. I'll test with a valid certificate, but, do you know if/how I can let win7 skip it's check?
many thanks!
Anna Slyshkina
01/27/2014 14:01:39
Please google how to add a trusted SSL sertificate to a Windows7 machine, it's pretty easy.
05/31/2014 23:19:43
Can this app work for bitrix selfhosted version ? If yes, how to configure it?
11/26/2014 05:31:23
not working
I registered using my Google+ Account, so how do I login using the desktop client????:!:
Anna Slyshkina
11/27/2014 10:51:32
Hello Richard,

Could you please go to your Bitrix24.Network account and specify email that you will use as a login while authorization at desktop and mobile apps?
vimal siva
12/04/2014 19:19:55
App Broken?
Hi guys, I noticed our dektop app doesn't work any more. This started a couple of days ago. It logs in but we are unable to see anything. I tried reinstalling but no help. We are using the self hosted version.
Anna Slyshkina
12/04/2014 19:29:41
Could you please contact our Helpdesk to resolve the issue?
vimal siva
12/04/2014 19:38:46
will do
01/18/2015 15:28:38
Bitrix Desktop consumes a lot of memory
i have a problem with the Bitrix desktop. i have installed the latest software (That by the way don't have any version info in the installation file). The application works ok but consumes a lot of memory for example it can raise to 250-350 MB. also the apps create a few parallel process that always stay a live. if i kill this process the application continues to run a usual.

it will be great if you can fix this issues and release a new version!

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