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Version 12 has a desktop app for the intranet that works on both Windows (download) and Mac (download).

This app lets you replace whatever traditional internal messenger you are using now completely.

Without opening a browser, the desktop app lets employees stay in touch. Personal messages, notifications from the Activity Stream, likes and comments, and incoming task notifications are also visible through the app.

Right now, the desktop serves as a corporate messenger, but in the upcoming release it will begin to work with network file storages (your files in Bitrix24 or Bitrix Intranet will automatically be synchronized with files on your computer).

The desktop app and the mobile version turn your intranet, whether on Bitrix24 or Bitrix Intranet, a fully interactive, go-anywhere digital workplace.




For the desktop application to run in conjunction with your installation of Bitrix Intranet, the following product modules must be installed: Instant Messenger (not lower than 12.1.0 ), Push&Pull (not mandatory, but highly recommended).

Additionally, the Push and Pull module needs to be configured so that push-notifications operate properly. For detailed information, see the training course.

The above-mentioned modules are available in the distribution kit of Bitrix Intranet Version 12, and existing users can receive them through the updates system and install them in the ‘Modules’ section of Settings in the Control Panel.