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OVU-TRAC: Smart e-Store, Vivid Design

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details

OvumOptics, Inc. is a Canadian medical company which specializes in saliva hormone testing tools. Created in 1996, the Ovu-Trac® Ovulation Predictor Kit is an educational tool specifically designed to assist women with identifying times of fertility and ovulation in the comfort of their own homes. Since that time, tens of thousands of Canadian women have successfully used the Ovu-Trac® Ovulation Kit to assist them with their conception goals.


Project Goals

The web resource that presented information on Ovu-Trac® Ovulation Predictor Kit was outdated and lacked the ability to draw the desired attention to the company's flagship products. The new online marketing strategy of OvumOptics, Inc. included introduction of an e-store where website visitors could purchase the products online. The website was to have a vivid yet simple design, good navigation and easy access to all information that a person would want to find on the products and the company. The website design needed to be developed for women as the main target audience of the OvumOptics, Inc. products and services. The Ovu-Trac® new web resource concept included the following key elements:

  • E-store for ordering and purchasing products online;
  • Accounts for registered users to track orders and receieve feedback;
  • An easy single-click testimonial submission process;
  • Exhaustive products and services information;
  • Interactive content, user-friendly navigation and search tools;
  • Vivid yet simple website design, color pallet oriented toward women.

Most of all, OvumOptics, Inc. wanted to get rid of complicated sections and subsections on their previous Ovu-Trac® website. The new website was seen as to have intuitive navigation and simple access to any product information a person is looking for. Creating an online store with a shopping basket where people can modify the quantity of items they want to buy was a must for the company's new online marketing strategy.

The Solution

Click to enlarge Aurora-IT, a New York based web-design and media company, was trusted by OvumOptics, Inc. to take care of its new Ovu-Trac® website. Founded with one simple goal in mind – to offer you powerful, dynamic and effective web design, development and marketing solutions – Aurora IT designs and launches Internet marketing campaigns that exceed expectations without exceeding budgets. Aurora IT specializes in medical website design and Internet marketing solutions for doctors, surgeons, and hospitals globally. The company offers a wide range of medical website development, public relations, and online publishing solutions. Aurora IT utilizes Bitrix software as a vital element of their business, which is to create content management systems for medical websites, primarily for healthcare providers and the medical community. Aurora IT is a Bitrix Gold Partner, the largest Bitrix partner in the Americas and the only Bitrix Gold Partner in the United States.

Bitrix Site Manager: Small Business Edition has been chosen as the project platform for the new Ovu-Trac® website. This edition has been selected by Aurora-IT among other available options mainly because it has the e-Store module. Using this edition any company can launch and manage a complete e-Store that will include everything from order management, inventory management, order processing to billing and shipping. Bitrix Site Manager: Small Business Edition allows you to build and manage a comprehensive affiliate network using different access permission levels and corresponding pricing. Pre-determined commissions and margins will be automatically calculated for easier billing. And the integrated payment system will allow processing payments through major credit cards, PayPal, PayFlow, bank transfers, Authorize.Net, WorldPay and others.

Click to enlarge "We created a fully functional e-commerce website with static information using Bitrix Site Manager: Small Business Edition, specifically to utilize the E-Store, Site Explorer, and Info Blocks modules. Aslo we made some custom programming which was not at all a problem to integrate inside the Bitrix platform. We added a "Submit-a-Story" functionality for testimonials and created a unique website design according to OvumOptics, Inc. requirements. The Ovu-Trac content managers found the system easy to learn and utilize. We were really glad to receive a positive feedback from Ovu-Trac and its customers" - said Elena Malinina, Aurora-IT Senior Project Manager.

The new Ovu-Trac® website is an informational and educational portal that markets its signature product, the Ovu-Trac® Ovulation Predictor Kit. All website visitors can now purchase the kit through the site's Fertilit-eStore and read testimonials from customers who have used the product. The website also features market comparisons, product background and scientific research behind the concept of saliva testing. The overall website presentation including the design and navigation has been greatly improved over the previous website.

Click to enlarge"OvumOptics really liked the color scheme and the new website structure we suggested at the very beginning. We didn't' even have to make any corrections. The outcome was excellent, the new website's design came out very nice and the navigations remained simple and logical. I'd say that the new website is somewhat cozy. Sometimes the OvumOptics staff have to to make some changes to the content of the website, especially after approving new testimonials from their customers, but the Bitrix web application let make those changes almost instantly, with no tricky programming. Also, the possibility to make online orders has drawn a lot of attention from women not only in Canada, but also in the US and other regions who now can buy the OvumOptics products anytime on the Internet" - said Elena Malinina, Aurora-IT Senior Project Manager.

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