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MTS: A Better Business Collaboration Model

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details

MTS ( is one of the leading European mobile operators. The company is among the top ten telecommunication providers in the world, offering its products and services to more than 100 million customers around the globe. The Belarus branch of MTS ( started to operate back in June 2002. Now it is the country’s market leader in mobile telecommunication services with a total of 1,700 professionals in representative offices spread across the whole country. The largest head representation office of MTS Belarus, which includes the company's Call Center, is situated in Minsk, the capital city of the Republic of Belarus. MTS Belorus

Project Goals

Because of the nature of MTS’ telecommunication business, the main duty of the Belarus MTS Call Center is to find requested information about the company's products and services within seconds for the customers eager to get a reply by phone. In order to meet the highest standards in providing such consultation, the Belarus MTS Call Center must trace all the changes in the documents they use every day. This task is not an easy one because each document can be updated very frequently.

Document and file sharing using simple folders on a common network had been part of the MTS Belarus routine for almost seven years. The company increasingly felt the drag on performance caused by the unsophisticated system as well as the security risk that it posed. The network folders were like warehouses without access to roads. MTS Belarus needed logistics for its files and documents, i.e. document change notifications, updates on newly updated documents and files, workflow options like approval, returning to draft status, etc. The company needed a unified informational space for all data accumulated by the employees which could offer excellent search options, data safety, and easy and quick access to any file or document. It was very important for both the MTS Marketing Department and for the MTS Call Center to improve the workflow of the company

Additionally, every person employed by MTS is considered to be a very important part of the company, a factor in the corporate culture. The company management agreed that it would have been easier and more efficient to cultivate the corporate spirit in a familiar and friendly environment which all employees are used to and have fully implemented in their everyday life, like social networks! The MTS Belarus set out a new business communications model which included the following elements and requirements:

  • A close and very secure space that will be used only internally;
  • Single knowledge base that is easy to update;
  • Click-away access to any information published on the network;
  • Powerful search options; exhaustive search results;
  • Instant indexing of any textual content;
  • Network drive alternatives for instant file sharing;
  • Marketing and promo campaigns archive;
  • Instant messages and instant notifications for all employees;
  • Convenient tools for team work and project management;
  • Improvement of internal communication channels for employees;
  • Support of corporate culture and team spirit;

The Solution

The new business communication plans were realized using the Bitrix Intranet Portal. The solution was developed and implemented by TZ-Studio a professional web-design agency and IT-solution provider. TZ-Studio became a Bitrix Partner in 2007, now it has the status of Bitrix Gold Certified Partner. Tatyana Zukowa, TZ-Studio CEO said that one of the greatest achievements of the MTS Belarus business communications project was the development of a huge knowledge base, a single document storage that allowed employees to access documents and files according to their permission level.

"You should keep in mind that MTS Belarus is a telecommunications provider. Basically, that means that the response time should be virtually zero! All answers should be provided to the customers within a matter of seconds by the Call Center staff. That presupposes that each Call Center employee has an extremely convenient way to access any data they might need during working hours, be it a document hidden in a pile of electronic sub-folders, or an instant message from their colleague sitting in a separate building. The only solution we were satisfied with concerning the search and indexing options was the intranet solution provided by Bitrix." - Tatyana said.

"Also, a corporate portal is a convenient place to discuss urgent issues. And that's one of the most exciting features that Bitrix Intranet Portal can offer to a company. All people involved in the decision-making process can follow the topic and contribute every time their input is required with no need to acquire information second-hand or from different sources. You can use either a workgroup to solve a problem, or use other handy tools like the Forum, Tasks, Calendar with the built-in Scheduler; you can even set up a Business Process that will provide certain rules or routines that you can use, for example, for document approval. It’s all very flexible. This is exactly why we recommended that MTS Belarus choose the Bitrix solution" - Tatyana added.

Blogs, Forums and other social networking elements motivate each person to start discussions, socialize with one another, and get more involved in the business of the company. Any person who has a user/employee account on the corporate portal can not only use the portal as a document storage or communicate with their colleagues from other subsidiaries, but also make suggestions on various topics to other team members or just say their personal opinion on any issue that affects them.

Bitrix Intranet Portal has become a place where the MTS employees not only work, but also socialize. It helps people get a better feeling of the company, its values and its culture. The MTS Corporate Portal help employees get closer with top-management, who might otherwise seem to be a bit distant and unapproachable in "real-life". As the result, all urgent tasks and important questions are dealt with in a quicker and more efficient manner, and team spirit is getting stronger and stronger among the employees.

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MTS Belorus Official Website
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Documents and Files Storage Section
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Unified Document Center
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Section devoted to the MTS Corporate Culture

The Platform Choice

"We decided to build our corporate portal using the Bitrix platform because of several important things that outweighed other intranet solution providers." - Yuri Lukashevich, MTS Belarus IT-Department Executive, shared his opinion - "First of all, the Bitrix platform allowed us to deploy our own corporate portal within a few hours. It then only took about 30 days to customize the product and include all the business processes needed. Putting content in was one of our major worries because of the amount, but the Bitrix Intranet Portal solution makes it really easy to manage and organize all the data that came in the form of chaotic files and folders hidden among remote network drives" - he said.

All editions of Bitrix Intranet Portal are supplied with preset data like company structure, user profiles, user group settings, business process templates, work groups, etc. that can be used universally. This saves time and ultimately - money, because it includes both an advanced technological platform with preset Enterprise 2.0 business communication and business collaboration models.

The product interface and usability were also important factors that influenced the platform choice. "The product interface can remember your personal preferences, the way you arrange your own profile or your intranet portal dashboard. It has a modern and neat look topped with the latest drag-and-drop features. People just love it! And not just because it is intuitive and convenient, but also because it saves time by helping you improve your work space and allows people to learn and get accustomed to the new possibilities. It really shows the true potential of Enterprise 2.0, the difference is just tremendous." - said Yuri.

The question of project costs was also a very sensitive issue for MTS Belarus. The corporate portal was supposed to host up to 2000 users. Because a large number of ISVs offering their products with user/admin-licenses, the software license cost can be prohibitive for many companies. Bitrix supplies its solution with licenses based on the number of users or administrators registered on the corporate portal, and also offers the option of an unlimited user license which has no limits to the number of users registered on the portal. This option is especially convenient for large enterprises or organizations which have positive staff growth dynamics.


  • Bitrix Intranet Portal: Enterprise Edition (Unlimited User License)
  • VMware ESXi 4 with Bitrix Virtual Appliance: VMware Edition 1.4
  • Database: MySQL


  • Private Web Server HP DL 360 G5,
    with 2 (4 core) processors, 4 GB of RAM

Project Realization

Single Knowledge Base, File Storage for Documents and Files
Having integrated these tools as part of the routine, the MTS Belarus Call Center staff can now provide telephone consultation in a more efficient manner. All company employees have a single gateway to documents and files from any location any time they want.

Unified Document Center
The company now has a convenient way to notify all employees about all recent documents, agendas, orders, guidelines, instructions, etc. These are published in a special section on the corporate portal. All documents are indexed automatically and are searched using morphological criteria, as well.

More Social Activities and Communication
Knowledge and experience exchange is very important for every company. The MTS employees are now encouraged to use their personal and work group blogs, private and public forums, company calendars to share their opinions, ask questions and get feedback from their colleagues. The MTS portal allows publishing photos or uploading favorite music, as well. These social networking elements of the corporate portal definitely bring team members a bit closer to one another.

Project Management and Collaboration Tools
MTS is actively using workgroups in Bitrix Intranet Portal. Workgroups play a very important role in discussion and coordination of everyday problems. The number of workgroups is not limited, and can include any number of group members. Each group can be archived when the discussion is over or the project has been accomplished.

New Perspectives for Business Processes Automation
The new corporate portal of MTS also provides the company with business process automation features like order processing, partner and client network interaction facilities, etc. "The development of a unified informational space allowed us to enhance a number of crucial business processes that run in the company on a daily basis. Automation of other business processes is on the list. We see great potential in the Business Processes module provided in the Bitrix platform and we are going to use it to the fullest extent possible" - said Yuri Lukashevich, MTS Belarus IT-Department Head.

The Future Prospects
The process of development of the corporate portal of MTS Belarus never stops. "It is just amazing how many features and instruments Bitrix Intranet Portal offers for improving internal collaboration within a company. Every time we login to the product, we discover more tools that we can incorporate into our business activities. For example, the subject of Single-Sign-On authentication system for our employees arose in a planning meeting. Afterward, we realized that this function comes with the product as a standard feature! We have no doubt that we've chosen the right platform!" - concluded Yuri Lukashevich.

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