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PrintControl: A Smart E-Commerce Solution

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details

PrintControlPrintControl B.V. is a Netherlands-based company that assists companies with their document and printing flows and provides comprehensive information on every type of office equipment as well as the cost savings analysis based on printed pages. The company sells, rents and offers maintenance services for all the printing equipment that they carry. They are a leading distributor for the major brands in printing equipment such as Kyocera, Ricoh, Hewlett Packard, and Minolta to name a few. Their clients range from Leen Bakker, Marskramers, Otto and NTR, to Studentenwerk.

Project Goals

PrintControl B.V. wanted to increase its website's visibility in search engines without completely interfering with the existing functionalities. They also asked that iWebware maintain their website and perform consulting in relation to the site's content and blog. The main tasks were actually to completely redesign the website and update its content. It was essential that the new design would incorporate strategies that would optimize its presence in leading search engines while retaining its main functionalities. The project needed to accomplish the following vital tasks:

Bitrix Site Manager
  • Make the website more interactive and informative;
  • Make the website more user-friendly and easy to navigate;
  • Use search engine-friendly URLs;
  • Create a section for blogs and allow the site editor to easily edit and upload the blogs themselves;
  • Apply <h1> and <h2> rules;
  • Rearrange the semantic structure of the website to maximize search engine optimization;
  • Create metatags / tag-clouds;
  • Provided a CMS with updates;
  • Ensure that the website is 100% hacker-safe;
  • Create a manageable back end structure for PrintControl's products.

The iWebware Solution

To accomplish the tasks set by our client, iWeware team decided to use Bitrix Site Manager: Professional Edition as the website's CMS platform. The iWeware specialists came to a conclusion that this version of Bitrix Site Manager would best suit the PrintControl's projetc requirements. And, since the Bitrix Site Manager was developed using an advanced PHP framework, it does not require intricate knowledge of HTML to manage its content and navigate the website.

"In redesigning the website, we were very conscientious about leaving room for the company's growth. As PrintControl continues to expand, we anticipate that the needs and demands of the website will change as well. When the time comes for the website go to higher level of technology, the client will not have to start from scratch. Since this particular type of CMS platform is updatable, upgrading a website is just a matter of buying a higher license of Bitrix Site Manager" — Sander Buijs, CEO of iWebware.

Interactive, Informative, User-friendly

"The intuitive front-end and back-end content management system really helped us make this website user-friendly not only to the end users but especially to its site administrators as well. As we all know, having a really good design is only half of what makes a website successful. Maintenance and updating it play an instrumental role in its success. We always design websites on the premise that the would-be site administrators might not posses profound knowledge about computers or the Internet. That is why we appreciate the drag-and-drop components, keyboard shortcuts, auto content linking, and taxonomy-based placement that make it so much easier for us to make applications that enable the site administrator to edit content on their own" - explained Sander.

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PrintControl main page
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Smart purchase advisor

Another important feature of this edition is that it allows the site administrators and content managers to create and manage user feedback like surveys, questionnaires, requests made via web forms, and the like. iWebware team utilized this feature for PrintControl extensively. Since the iWebware specialists needed to make the PrintControl website more interactive, informative and user-friendly, the web studio created a 4-step quotation request process wherein the end-user selects his/her printing preferences in 4 steps and the system will immediately generate the needed information on that particular equipment. Here are the 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1. The end user selects the type of equipment (Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax);
  • Step 2. Choose between Colored or Black & White printing;
  • Step 3. Select the estimated number of pages consumed per month;
  • Step 4. Pick your preferred paper size (A4 and smaller or A4 and larger).

After selecting all these options, the end user only has to click on the green "Stel Samen" (merge) button to be brought to a page with two office equipment options with all the relevant specs displayed alongside the information on the cost of printing per piece. To see more details on a specific option, the end user can click on the green "Stuur Offerte" (get a quote) button then enter their name, company name, and email address. In a matter of minutes, the end user will then receive a more detailed quotation on the equipment of his/her choice.

"The client also wanted to add a social advocacy dimension to their website by donating € 1.00 to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for every business quote request they receive, so we also found a way to work this into the design. In designing this 4-step request process, our yardstick for a site's usability is that it should be easy and idiot-proof enough for a 90-year old grandmother to navigate. We put it through a lot of usability testing to make sure that it met our desired goals." — Sander said.

SEO features

Another advantage of using the Bitrix Site Manager Professional Edition as a CMS platform is that it makes a website SEO-ready. That means different access permissions are already made in advance for SEO specialists like iWebware to install applications that would increase traffic to Thus, it was easy to add search engine optimizing features like applying <h1> and <h2> rules, putting in metatags / cloud-tags, using search engine-friendly URLs, and rearranging the semantic structure of the website by strategic placements of search engine-friendly words and phrases in each web page. One of the features we also added is a Blog section. We made it a point to make uploading and editing of the blog's content as easy as possible so there would be no excuse for the blog not to be updated. It's a pretty simple and straightforward blog, but the client can add more features (e.g. blog calendar; trackbacks) to it on their own without having to pay for an upgrade. In this blog, the site administrator is able to use a tagging feature for each entry – a crucial element for SEO and increasing traffic to the PrintControl website. SEO tools offered by Bitrix CMS

A novel feature in this website is the embedded flash video of Chimene van Oosterhout, a Dutch celebrity and spokesperson for PrintControl. She appears as the visitors log in, introducing them to PrintControl and explaining how to navigate the website. Admittedly, some users might find this annoying so we provided control buttons for those who want to lower the volume, mute or turn off this feature. On the other hand, it is a thoughtful element for the visually impaired end-users who could benefit from the audio guide. SEO-wise, people googling Chimene van Oosterhout might get redirected to the PrintControl site as well, so it's also a good way of maximizing the website's search engine visibility.

The built-in SEO web analytic module of the Bitrix CMS platform allows PrintControl's site administrator to keep track website traffic parameters like hits, hosts, sessions, bounce banks, referral sites, etc. The comapny is able to measure traffic on each page and track the content consumption trends for each user so you in turn can get accurate data on the most popular and the least productive pages. Other informative functions available in this module are link ranking, references, total number of web links, keywords, and search engine indexing.

Internet Security

"One major concern PrintControl really wanted to be addressed thoroughly was the security of their website. They wanted to make sure that the website we design is 100 % hacker-safe. Again, with the help of Bitrix Site Manager, we had no problems complying with this requirement. The Bitrix CMS uses the advanced PRO+PRO security framework that protects websites from external and internal security threats" - Sander said.

The PRO+PRO security framework is a proven and tested security module that contains a unique set of tools for proactive protection. In fact, more than 600 Russian hackers were challenged by Bitrix in their Real-time Hack Competition to try to invade the PRO+PRO security framework. The Russian Hackers launched more than 25,000 attacks, but all of them were successfully repulsed by the PRO+PRO security framework, proving its superb reliability.

Project Summary

"We were able to design a fully functional website that satisfied the stringent requirements of PrintControl. They were very pleased about the new user-friendly interface that they can manage on their own. For a printing company like them, having a reliable system for facilitating product quotations in the fastest possible time is the lifeline of their business. With the help of the Bitrix CMS platform, we were able to translate this unique service concept into a functional business solution" - Sander summarized

Since the new design, PrintControl happily reported a double-digit conversion rate on their website. This means that more than 1 out of 10 visitors actually go through the 4-step quotation process to make a request. Web traffic reveals that an average of about 661 people visit the site daily. At this conversion rate, PrintControl churns out an average of 10-15 quotation requests a day and donates at least €300.00/month to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Guided by the principles of ergonomic design and consistent usability testing in every step of the design process, we were also able to design the site optimized for lead generation.

This case study is proudly presented by iWebware, a Bitrix Gold Certified Partner

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