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Hosting Community: Improved Information Flow

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details

Hosting Community The Hosting Community is an association of the largest hosting companies in Russia and Ukraine, serving about 20% of the users and domain names in the Russian market. The association draws from the consolidated experience of its member companies to provide an environment and resource that supports and continuously improves the hosting services provided by those members. Founded in 2002, the Community today is a large collective that includes domain registrars such as R01 and Centerhost; hosting providers Hosting-Center, SpaceWeb, and PeterHost, as well as Garant-Park-Telecom. Companies of the Community have presences in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk and Kiev.

Project Goals

The Community needed not only administrative, but also informational coordination. The 500+ employees of the member companies are in constant need of sharing information and opinions on working issues such as confirmation of tariffs for large packages of services or development, marketing, and sales of new products. The large number of locations and distance among them slowed these processes considerably – news about products or solutions of one of the companies often remained unknown to other members, despite its relevance to the Community as a whole.

Aside from operational communications among the employees of member companies, who are on average 25 years old, it fulfills the high demand for informal contact. Nearly all of them are creative, energetic people looking to discuss common interests – from diving and traveling to aviation history and techniques of decoupage. This active community life opens channels for both non-working and working discussions.

A particularly demanding requirement for the interactive corporate intranet was to serve as a 'common home' for all the companies in the Community, strengthening the association, which in its current form came into existence only in December of 2008, in its role as the platform for cooperation and the development of unified corporate standards among members.

"People needed to understand and feel that they are not working in an isolated, autonomous structure, but in a shared information space that allows development of wide-ranging solutions for the entire Community" — Olga Shilova, HR Director at Hosting Community.

The Solution

The Community's management board decided on Bitrix Intranet. The previous resource did not comply with the updated demands of The Hosting Community, so in September of 2009, the Community chose to use a commercially developed platform that was highly recommended throughout Russia and Ukraine to create an association-wide intranet.

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Vizual company structure used in Bitrix Intranet

Bitrix Intranet was attractive because of its large number of simple and convenient interactive tools which provided the opportunity to create a multi-faceted information zone serving the whole Community (with forums and groups) as well as individual 'spaces' for each employee (with blogs and more).

Using technologies which are already ubiquitous in the Internet: instant messages, social networking, search, and other familiar features, users found internal communications to be vastly more convenient and speedy than ever before. Beyond that, the ease of use provided by the interactive interface, which 'remembers' how individual users like to view the intranet and shortens orientation and adoption, was also a factor in the final decision.

Implementation and Results

Platform deployment was undertaken from October to December 2009. Over that period, specialists inside the company adapted the platform to the company's needs, populated news feeds and informed employees about the launch of the project, its goals, and the main features and sections.

"From Day 1 users were able to plan meetings and set tasks much more easily," said Olga Shilova. "One outstanding example was the creation of the group Tuesday Meetings, which serves as the preparation area for the weekly meeting of management of various levels. Group members can discuss and monitor the making of statistical and analytical information or get a preview of important information before the meeting.

After each meeting, minutes and relevant information are made accessible in the group and work can be done using the reports, graphs and plans presented in the meetings. Meeting results which affect the entire Community can be published in the intranet's public area."

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Bitrix Intranet offers convenient user profiles

Quick and efficient exchange of critical information throughout the entire Community, attained through the variety of technologies available in the platform, has another important benefit: work processes can be optimized. Shilova mentioned the example of launching of new products: "Often times a company in our Community determines that it needs a new business solution, product, or services and quickly learns, thanks to the intranet, that there is already some experience in the Community concerning that very thing. Valuable experience can then be shared, rather than being 'earned twice'. Thus pitfalls are avoided and substantial advantages are exploited when introducing new products."

Continuous feedback from employees: "I've got an idea!" The higher involvement level which is attained through an interactive platform means that more employees are involved not just in standard operations, but in the way those operations truly address business objectives.

A lot of new ideas are generated and can be put in the I've got an idea! section – a sort of corporate collection bin of thoughts and concepts, directly intended to improve internal operations, products, or customer relations. Generally, at least one idea a week gets put into action.

Conclusion and Continuing Plans

"As a result of implementing an intranet in the Community, now there are highly relevant public and personal spaces which allow quicker, and thus more effective, exchange of information among affiliates and their employees. This has had great positive impact on the working process throughout the Community. I can confidently report that the project is implemented successfully and that we are very satisfied" — summarized Olga Shilova.

The most active sections are the Home Page, Employees, Workgroups, and Company Life. The Hosting Community has been able not only to support, but also to promote constant development of a united corporate culture across all of its membership with the intranet as a primary tool in the process.

Short-term plans of the Community include the launching of customer service quality standards, quality control monitoring, department productivity tracking, and implementation of a unified workflow system. The most active work groups are the Tuesday Meetings and I have an idea! groups. Photo galleries are regularly updated, contests and polls are carried out, and the 'Birthdays' section is useful for making sure no important date gets missed.

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