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Excellent B2B Cargo Web Application built with .NET Forge CMS

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company and Implementer

A ground-breaking project on the .NET Forge CMS platform is slated to be launched by long-time Bitrix partner GALS Soft in August 2011. The project is being developed on order from ground transportation services specializing in oversized shipments and working in the European and Russian markets. The company serves about 200 regular clients and manages a network that includes 7 warehouses and about 500 factories which will be the main users of the system.

Project Goals and Solution

Bitrix .NET Forge
The project goal is to create a system which unites a large number of logistics services companies in Europe and Russia. Small companies have an advantageous, individual approach to work with clients, but at the same time they can be united to solve organizational issues more effectively and expand their client base.

GALS Soft designed and developed a B2B system on the .NET Forge CMS platform. The system manages all the interaction between clients and services providers from the moment of order placement to the confirmation of delivery. The system is accessible to users through a web interface.

"The basic tasks at hand were to determine the shipping route for a given shipment, including determining what warehouse or warehouses would be involved; optimizing the loading of transport vehicles, monitoring of the shipment's condition at all points along the route, and management of warehousing logistics, etc. Because of the supreme quality, flexibility and ease of use we've decided to built this elaborate project with .NET Forge CMS. We did the right thing because the services offered on this web resource required a lot of custom changes and integration with business-specific solution, and the .NET Forge CMS was easy and fun to work with." - said Vadim Mityakin, CEO of GALS Soft..

The resulting system has a payment system integrated with a business process which enables the handling of various phases of the process by the service provider who controls that particular phase.

Cargo B2B Service
Accessing the Cargo B2B Service Online

Each user is provided with a personal area and access to the sections and data which correspond to his or her role in the system. Shipment tracking and other options are provided, as well.

Cargo B2B Service
Example of personal area
Cargo B2B Service
Example of personal area

Each new order initiates a new business process. When an order is placed, the system determines which of the possible shipping routes will be most efficient with respect to available warehousing and vehicles and formulates an estimated shipping time. The system also monitors the transportation process, creating lists of incoming and outgoing orders for all intermediate storage facilities, accounting for the order as part of the load in all vehicles involved in the shipping process, and ensuring the integrity of the order if the order contains packages originating or shipped by different routes.

Cargo B2B Service
Interface of the web application

The implementation is in full swing now, and we wish both the developer's and the client's team a smooth and successful start.

This case study is also available in PDF (340 Kb)

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