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NEWSWEEK: E-media Leader's Choice

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details

Newsweek Newsweek is a news magazine known worldwide and available in four English-language editions and 12 global editions written in regional languages. Newsweek Russian Edition is an independent publication which follows the high standards set and adopted by Newsweek editions worldwide. Each week the magazine offers comprehensive coverage of the most important events with a nationwide network of reporters and editors giving deep insight into national and international affairs, business, science and technology, society and entertainment.

Project Goals

The main objective of the Newsweek Russia new online edition was to become a full-featured online magazine that meets the demands of the contemporary e-media market. The new site was required to include convenient content management tools at the editors' disposal to enable them to change the content instantly without wasting any time contacting IT staff or technical specialists.

Imperative to the project was also that interactivity and proper feedback to all visitors of Newsweek/RE online follow the latest Web2.0 trends and employ a number of social networking elements, such as blogs, forums, ratings, etc. The project security mechanisms used in a would-be CMS for the project also had to demonstrate high resistance to hacker attacks and scumware integration. Thus, Axel Springer and Newsweek/RE set the tough task of creating a competitive online news resource rich in multimedia content for a wider target audience. The to-do list included:

  • Content management that can be made instantly online without any special technical assistance;
  • Simple photo and video bulk upload and publishing;
  • High standard security mechanism;
  • Excellent performance under any load;
  • New design and color scheme concept;
  • Latest news feed available from anywhere on the website;
  • Rating system and comments submission for articles, photo galleries, and videos;
  • Prompt feedback via forums and via simple web form submission.

The Solution

Click to enlarge Bitrix Site Manager: Professional Edition was chosen to be the new platform for the Newsweek/RE ambitious web project. Among all other features available in this edition, the Professional Edition was considered as the optimal solution because it allows website administrators to create and manage user feedback platforms such as polls, surveys, voting and questionnaires, etc. which was very important for a large informational portal. All of the responses can be consolidated into a CSV file for analysis and reporting.

Any website built using Bitrix Site Manager: Professional Edition can also measure traffic on each page and track the content consumption trends of users to give the website administrators a clear perspective on the most popular pages. Any promotional campaign can be evaluated by measuring referrals and direct traffic using the Web Analytics module. Powerful feedback and technical support options are available in this edition as well. For example the Helpdesk module allows classification of user queries and requests, assigning of various levels of priority to each request and assign the task to the appropriate department or person. It is easy and understandable for content editors and comprehensive from the point of view of a website administrator.

Along with the standard content management features, the new Newsweek / RE website leverages the power of blogs and forums, video and photo gallery, polls and surveys, lotteries, integrated performance monitor and advertising campaign management which became possible because of advanced Web 2.0 technology used in Bitrix Site Manager: Professional Edition. The latest reports from the Olympic Games in Vancouver proved these features to be very useful and effective. The real-time notes and gossip news from Vancouver brought to the readers by a special Newsweek correspondent offered a captivating experience of the Olympic atmosphere and significantly increased the website audience.

Click to enlargeThe Bitrix adaptive interface was one on the major advantages that caught the editors' attention. Also, the backend of the system was equally impressive in the transition process which, despite the huge amount of data accumulated on the previous technological platform, went smoothly and quickly. The whole process took only two months including conceptual design, product deployment, data migration, staff training and redesign.

"Bitrix is distinguished for its extreme scalability and performance that enable handling of heavy website traffic and automatically balance the load in a very flexible manner. The latter feature is extremely important when taking into consideration that our website is serving up to 30,000 visitors per day" - said Dmitry Baranov, Newsweek’s software engineer. Dmitry also highlighted the Bitrix PRO+PRO security framework, which provides the Newsweek website with reliable protection against hacker attacks and malicious code.

"The Bitrix Site Manager interface allows our team to speed up and simplify the publishing process to meet the magazines strict requirements for online articles. We really like that the publication process is now a question for editors and we don’t need to depend on IT staff. This way, we reached a tremendous increase in the speed of articles’ production which positively reflects on the website traffic growth and secures our status as a leading online business media source" said Katherine Iltchenko, Newsweek /RE Editor-in-Chief.

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