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OBUKHOV: Customers' Engagement Is Our Priority

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details

The Obukhov Group is the Volvo Cars official dealer primarily active in the Western and European parts of Russia. Headquartered in Moscow and having three retail centers in the Russian capital, Obukhov also runs a successful subsidiary in the city of Perm, situated just west of the Ural Mountains. Obukhov has been representing the Volvo brand for almost 15 years in Russia; the company enjoys trust and loyalty from its clients and business partners.

Project Goals

The Obukhov Group has been constantly improving its online customer engagement and attendance to compel website visitors to action and maximize overall business results. The quality of online services was crucial for attaining this ambitious task. The Group placed strong emphasis on website improvements that were to be focused on interactive features and IT infrastructure integration.

Originally, the company had a website developed for the Moscow headquarters and its three retail centers. This website used a low-end Bitrix Site Manager platform. However, the company felt the need to present more information and offer more online services to its online visitors. The main idea was to present quick and convenient access to exhaustive information on vehicles available in the centers, current prices and purchase conditions. Also, there was a strong need for rapid feedback forms that would allow visitors receive online help instantly. For that purpose, a more advanced CMS was required.

A new website was to be created for the Perm subsidiary, as well. For both web resources, a new section for insurance, loans, and other financing options was planned to be created as part of the Obukhov's online marketing plan. This section required a number of interactive submission forms and online calculators that could be used by any person thinking about buying a new Volvo or trading in the vehicle they already owned.

The company was looking for a solution that could withstand high loads and intensive traffic. The number of unique visitors of the Obukhov web resources has grown steadily over the past few years. More advanced and efficient content management and data distribution was also very importance for the company.

  • Instant access to any information available on the website;
  • Catchy design and convenient website navigation;
  • More interactivity for website visitors;
  • Rich Q&A section and dynamic help request forms;
  • Interactive insurance and loan calculators;
  • Easy-to-use content management instruments;
  • Understandable data distribution tools;
  • A reliable CMS that can operate under high loads.

The Solution

Click to enlarge Thanks to the Bitrix Gold Partner, Machaon web studiothe website underwent a major technical revamp to meet these requirements. As a result, Obukhov is now offering visitors a real-time technical service informer, insurance and credit calculators – all tightly integrated with the company’s ERP system that contains up-to-date information. To get instant advice, calculation or submit a credit request, a client needs only to enter input data (for example, car model, mileage, manufacture year). The Machaon web studio considered Bitrix Site Manager: Professional Edition as the optimal platform for building the new websites for the Obukhov Group.

Bitrix Site Manager: Professional Edition is ideally suited for any medium to large organization. Developed using a robust PHP framework, Professional Edition does not require any deep HTML knowledge to manage the website, its navigation or its content. Both dynamic and static content can be instantly modified in the front-end using the Visual Editor. Graphics, video and audio elements can also be managed without switching back to the administrative control panel. The product features a user-friendly interface.

The Professional Edition allows the site administrators and content managers to create and manage user feedback such as polls, surveys, voting, questionnaires, requests made via web forms, etc. All responses can be consolidated into CSV or XLS formats for analysis and reporting. Also, the automated Helpdesk service offers the website visitors a single place to get their questions answered. The Helpdesk allows classification of user queries and requests, assignment to various levels of priority and delivery of their requests to appropriate departments or employees for further processing.

Click to enlarge The Bitrix Site Manager incorporates D.I.G. technology that rigorously employs five basic principles to achieve the best results and user satisfaction: accuracy, performance, content coverage, security and flexibility. This ready-made search tool intelligently implements an idea that is both simple and brilliant – thorough digging, smart display. 

"We were pleased with Bitrix Site Manager's rich functionality and open architecture that assures fast and painless changes to our website according to new business challenges," said Helen Yanyuk, Marketing Director at Obukhov. She also underlined the product's extreme capabilities in performance and fault-tolerance securing top-notch business continuity and minimizing downtime risks.

"The new capabilities offered by Bitrix Site Manager tremendously simplified our interaction with customers. Consequently both save time on routine activities and enjoy better service and satisfaction," – said Helen Yanyuk.

Content management is now easy and efficient

Obukhov marketing department experienced a significant improvement in website-related business processes: content editors received a simple yet powerful content management tool with shared user access and guided step-by-step instructions for typical procedures.

More engagement and interaction for online visitors

Any person visiting the Obukhov Group websites can be sure to get the fastest reply to any questions they have concerning Volvo technology, automobiles, and services provided in Moscow and Perm. Both websites feature user-friendly help request forms and interactive insurance and loan calculators that make the process of getting quick feedback easier and more efficient.

Superb design, excellent navigation layouts

Obukhov's web resources are well-known for web design, graphical elements and layout structure. Machaon's creative department worked hard to come up with an optimal web design solution that could meet all requirements of an online resource that represents an image of a successful automobile reseller. Breadcrumbs, convenient menus, well-structured sitemap and other navigation elements help users to find exactly what they are looking for.

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Improved search options

Obukhov's improved websites now feature a number of new sections and information directories designed to allow instant access to any information about vehicles available in the retail centers, technical services and financial instruments provided by the company. Because information has become quite detailed on both websites, immediate indexing of new data was crucial for displaying proper search results. The built-in D.I.G. search engine allows website visitors get amazingly precise search results. The system indexes all new data and instantly presents it in the search results.

"We are very comfortable with the new website's capabilities, performance, appearance and fault-tolerance. Thanks to the Bitrix service-oriented architecture we have managed to implement new features with minimum cost, time and labor," concluded Helen Yanyuk.

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