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Campbell's: Exceptional Content for Excellent Cuisine

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details

Campbell Soup Company is the world leader in the production and sale of high quality soups. The company is more than 140 years old and its products are sold in more than 120 countries, making it one of the best-known brands in the world. Careful research into the specifics of the culinary traditions of various countries has allowed Campbell's to develop products which conform to the preferences of the consumer market, however exotic it may be. Each geographical expansion for the company brings about a corresponding change in the product line and marketing techniques for the Campbell Soup Company.

Campbell Soup Company

Project Goals

The Company made the strategic decision to use the Internet as the primary marketing channel for its Home Classic bouillons and seasonings. This strategy required an interactive platform for fans of the brand where they can find the latest product information, news, events, special offers, and most importantly, where they can share experience and inspiration with each other and with Campbell's.


"We needed an online resource where our audience could gather for ongoing interaction and exchange ideas about soup making, share their discoveries and favorite recipes, and take part in contests for great prizes from our brand" - says Natalia Pavlenko, CRM manager of Campbell's.

The main objective of the project was to create a single 'information zone', designed to inform visitors about the company's products and to use progressive Internet technology to establish an active community among customers. By participating in the community, users themselves influence the 'life' of the brand, try recipes of other users, share experiences and cooking secrets, and at the same time become experts in soup-making.

To meet the business objectives of the project, the site is divided into two sections: Products and Community. The Community has further sections, Contests and Recipe Gallery, where original recipes from visitors along with photos and tips are published. Members also have the opportunity to discuss published recipes, 'like' them, and mark whether they have used the recipes at home themselves.

Voting results determine which community members will become co-authors of the Campbell's next recipe book. The Company is using the Community as the basis for a major marketing campaign on the Russian-language internet.

In the Products section, news feeds about the company and its products, along with important facts, an interactive diagram of the production process, information about upcoming promotions and other useful information are all available. main page

The Red Keds' Solution

The project developer was Red Keds, a creative marketing agency founded in 2005. Clients of the company include well-known global brands and the some of the largest Russian companies includsing: Honda, Nissan, Sony, Converse, Sibur, L'OREAL, MTS, Nokia, Nike, Peugeot, Mazda, Renault, Danone, and more. A number of websites developed by the agency have received prestigious Web Favorite Awards.

Bitrix Site Manager Among the numerous advantages of Bitrix Site Manager, the following were especially important in the carrying out of this project, according to the Red Keds team: ready functionality, superb flexibility and performance, full technical support.

The ready platform dramatically reduced the time and budget for the development of this complex web resource. For the majority of the customer's needs, a solution was already in place, requiring only refinement of certain components in accordance with customer specifications.

Red Ked's specialists are convinced that Bitrix Site Manager is a platform ready to support virtually any website functionality and is up to the task of fulfilling a designer's most ambitious dreams.

Red Keds further praised Bitrix Site Manager as a high-performance system for web sites with heavy traffic and ensuring stable operation even during peak loads which can occur frequently on resources such as Indeed, the results of the most recent load testing of Bitrix Site Manager (version 9.5.), conducted by Bitrix, Ontiko and .masterhost in November 2010 confirm that the software works stably even with very heavy loads .


"Thanks to Bitrix' dynamic development of their Site Manager product, we have given our client a platform that keeps current with changing technology trends and will continue to do so" - says Ilya Ryzhkov, Project Manager of Red Keds.

Progress and Implementation Results

Resource development lasted for about 6 months and was completed in September 2010. Over the course of this period, direct interaction with site users was already underway, thanks to the quick and easy implementation of user functions such as registration, authorization, simple and precise access rights, and the ratings system. Even before the first dozen user-contributed recipes were posted, there were discussions and voting as well as users already advancing through the rankings as Novice, Expert, Experienced, and Professional.

User experience rating shown in the drop-down menu

Likewise, news feeds and blogs ('News and Promotions', 'Community') were successfully launched. Sections such as Tasty facts and Why natural and exceptionally smooth handling of both static (news, articles, pictures) and dynamic content (forums and blogs) give the site richness and texture, while the fast and thorough morphological search lets viewers find what they need very easily.

Feedback from the Project Developer

Team Red Keds enjoyed the project most of all for its complexity. "We developed a web resource for Campbell's starting with a strategy and concept and brought it through implementation and continue with marketing support. We consider the whole experience very rewarding," said Ilya Ryzhkov.


"The staff that supports the structure and content of, has been very complimentary of the project since its inception. They consider the project to be well-conceived, convenient, and understandable. Content management is systematic and time-efficient and training on the CMS is limited to a one-time demonstration of a few nuances of the system"- summarized Ilya.

Project Results

The main outcome of the project was the successful creation of a single web resource capable of promoting Campbell's products and informing a large target audience of the brand's development. A much-emphasized communication component of the project, implemented using the interactive services and tools of Bitrix Site Manager, allows engagement of consumers of Campbell's soups and active exchange of information about the brand, as well as providing a channel for finding new buyers.

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