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Russian Trading Bank: Outstanding Online Support and Services

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

About the Company

RTB Bank Russian Trading Bank (formerly Spetsinvestbank) has been successfully operating in the Russian market for the last 15 years. In 2010, Russian Trading Bank (RTB) changed its strategy for offering financial services. Today, the mission to "Be a reliable supporter for our clients" is the guiding principle of future development of the Bank.

Project Goals

With the perspective of extensive use of the internet for business in mind, company management decided to create a new internet resource which would be an attractive and convenient place for visitors that would develop into one of the main channels for sales of banking products. The overall project was broken down into the following elements: development of a new interface with a pleasant design, optimize site structure including consideration of SEO, and to create special sections for potential and existing clients. Visually, the site must present the value and convenience which it brings to clients clearly. The ultimate goal of the project is to raise the number of "leads" – orders for banking services from potential clients.

"We needed an internet resource where our potential clients could find all the relevant information about products which meet their specific needs, to see testimonials from existing bank clients, and where existing clients have a personal area where account information can be viewed easily to help make financial decisions," said Alexander Avrutin, board member of RTB.

The goal of the project, more precisely stated, is to create a united information space that presents the bank's product information, converts visitors into clients, and exploits the advantages of internet technology to the benefits of both customers and the bank. The company is expanding its sphere of activity to adjacent markets including leasing, factoring, insurance, retirement assets and investment management. To facility an expansion of this scale, adoption of corporate standards throughout the whole company is mandatory to ensure stable operation and to incorporate all the parts into a single design.

RTB Bank

Thus, the new online marketing strategy for RTB is:

  • lead generation;
  • simple and intuitive site design;
  • a single, unifying design and style for all site sections;
  • minimization of content management expenses and increased efficiency in that area;
  • intuitive navigation, quick access to any information;
  • personal area for registered users with personal account information and feedback;
  • simple authorization for clients and employees of the bank;
  • exhaustive information about the products and services of the bank;
  • improved mechanism for client feedback;
  • increased security of client data.

Topping the desires for design was the need for the site not to be ‘heavy' or cumbersome to use. A system of sections and subsections which complicate many sites in the financial sector was to be strictly avoided. With the new site, management aimed at simplicity of navigation and easy access to information.


RTB chose WebProfiters of Moscow, Russia, as the contractor for the project. WebProfiters has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the field of creating websites which sell products and services. Founded in 2007, WebProfiters has served over 200 clients, many of whom came to the company needing sites which effectively sell products and services to customers. The main services offered by the company have evolved to the present day to include:

  • project design for e-commerce sites,
  • complex internet marketing services,
  • website research and application of web analytics,
  • configuration of web statistics counter,
  • efficiency evaluation for internet marketing campaigns.

The specialists at WebProfiters do not focus on certain industry sectors. "Each new client represents an invaluable opportunity for us to research the market in which the client works, applying our methods of studying the current website, the sites of competitors, and basing our proposal only on the best design and project plans – which usually can be implemented in a relatively short period of time. Our approach, making complete analysis before beginning site creation, increases production speed and translates into quality results when the site goes online," said Andrew Yunisov, managing partner of WebProfiters.

One of the main accomplishments of the company is its partner certification with Google Analytics, which is proof of the quality of the agency services in areas of internet marketing and web analytics. In addition, the company is a Bitrix Gold Partner, which testifies to extensive experience in website development.

Bitrix Site Manager
WebProfiters recommends Bitrix Site Manager for web projects which they design, and the project for the RTB group was no exception. WebProfiters' experience makes them confident in the stable and versatile functioning of Bitrix' products and their proven capabilities in integration with databases, user interfaces, and performance in high-traffic situations – all important factors for financial service sites.

Among the numerous advantages of Bitrix Site Manager, the winning points in this project were the range of functionality, flexibility, extreme performance, and complete technical support. The product's ready platform significantly reduced development time and thus the project budget for this project. The majority of the client's needs were already met by features standard in Bitrix Site manager, leaving only some adjustments in various components in accordance with the client's needs. The WebProfiters team is convinced that Bitrix Site Manager can support and improve the functioning of practically any site and can help bring even the most ambitious designer's plans to reality. Licenses of all editions of Bitrix Site Manager allow the creation of at least two independent web projects based on a single installation (locally or on a remote server).

One of the main points in favor of Bitrix Site Manager is the integrated PRO+PRO security module, which provides several features critical for sectors that demand high security like banking. In security and several other areas, RTB received a number of additional functionality features that are not available in competing CMS platforms, including expanded web analytics, detailed visitor behavior tracking, and cross-site functionality.

RTB Bank
Main page of the RTB Bank website

"Bitrix' active product development and support for its partners both in the technical and marketing sides of the business lets us offer our clients the best technologies for online business along with the best overall customer solution," said Alexei Sidorov, general director of WebProfiters.

Progress and Results of Implementation

Development of the various web resources lasted about 4 months and was completed in September of 2010. The site went online before this period ended, thanks to the quick and simple implementation of user functions such as registration, authentication and assignment of user rights.

Centralized site management throughout the organization and optimized access for employees were immediately noticed by the company as big factors in saving time and money. Content management and minor structural changes are simpler and quicker and can be performed by bank employees, not just the IT department or consultants – another substantial savings. Bitrix Site Manager allows access to be adjusted quickly for large or small segments of the user and employee base.

RTB Bank
Feedback form on the website

Better security and fixed roles
Data security for any internet project is a top priority. The web resources created for the client incorporated a general system for security with access permission level determined by various user groups (site administrators, content managers, visitors). This feature presented a giant step up in site security over the previous websites.

Better communications and workflow
The Company developed a series of documents regulated the usage of the web resources which minimize internal risks and human errors. Before any employee is allowed to work on the site independently, two levels of training must be passed.

The most important result of the project was the successful creation of a web resource which contributes greatly one of the very most important business tasks confronting the company: the attraction of new clients. Furthermore, much of the technology which enabled the site to achieve such an excellent result in this area was made possible by the interactive services of Bitrix Site Manager.

This case study is also available in PDF (232 Kb)

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