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Stellberg: Intranet Facilities for a Large Enterprise

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details

Stellberg Stellberg came to Russia in 2001. In the 10 years since, it has become a leading supplier of stainless steel products, now employing 120 highly qualified specialists at 7 locations from Yekaterinburg to Pyatigorsk. Every day, they supply the largest Russia market players with world-class quality pipes, fixtures, and welding materials.

They have problems that are very similar to those of very large companies. An ocean of disorderly business information which requires great amounts of time and effort to search through , offices spread across several cities that need information flowing among them, archived documents which need to be found or recoverd, overloaded exchange folders, and the overarching sense that the their information is not secure from inside or outside threats.

Add to this the very ambitious plans of the company to expand its network of affiliates and trained employees, and you will understand how complicated organizing its information flows is.

"The list of tasks requires participation of specialists of various levels and experience. Each of them works in their own sphere of information and operates with changing data; each enters corrections into general documents. Our people work in different cities, and assignments require a strict, coordinated schedule." Andrei Shtonda, marketing manager of Stellberg

Project Goals

A company of the level of Stellberg always has the risk of insufficient communication among workers from various organizational divisions—if information from Krasnodar does not make it to Nizhny Novgorod, an order and client can be lost.

The Main Page of the Stellberg Intranet

Is it possible to optimize a solution for these issues? To organize a system with optimal efficiency for the company and its employees, and at the same time simplify reserving the conference room, ordering courier service, and filling out "standard" orders, which take up 25% of working hours? Absolutely. A solution that offers complete process management from start to finish and in the meantime breaks old, unproductive habits.

These solutions bring great relief to companies and employees who are transformed in the process. Here we will discuss the most promising of them – the corporate portal with Intranet facilities, in this case created on the platform of Bitrix Intranet, which provides a unique communication experience accessible to all employees of the company regardless of their current location.

Solution and Installation

"The Stellberg site was based on Bitrix Site Manager, and we were satisfied with its performance, so we got our portal from Bitrix as well. The Makhaon Group is a steady partner of the company, and is a Gold level partner of Bitrix"– Stellberg IT specialist.

Common Documents Section

"The product was selected for its short deployment time, low cost of setup, ease of administration and integration into the IT infrastructure of the company. We got what we needed with the standard functions of the portal solving our main issues. These are the news module, information about the company, electronic orders and web-forms, collaboration and creation of workgroups, training module and the internal instant messenger system using XMPP/JABBER-server. In the process of installation, they gave us the basic version of the product, set up the AD/LDAP module and imported users from AD. Instead of the standard template, they worked out an eye-catching but professional design that matches our company style."

Employee Search

"Adoption was not that smooth, though. There was no problem with our Intranet working: getting workers to do things differently was quite complicated. Differentiation of tasks – secretarial, HR, and others, was made with resistance, but that’s the human factor!" Andrei Shtonda, marketing manager of Stellberg

Today the Stellberg's portal is actively used, especially the following modules: About Us, News, General Orders and Directives, Courses and Exams, Workflow, Creating Electronic Orders and Feedback, and Reservations of Resources.

Workgroup Page for Football Team Member and Fans

What Did Stellberg Employees Get?

  • A large bulletin board, which can be monitored by the Moscow and Samara offices, letting them know what is happening in the company. This is important for logistics, where each manager needs to know where each shipment is at any given time.
  • Constant and instantaneous contact with each other: determining who is responsible for what in any department or in any city is no longer difficult.
  • Centralized information archive with access through a web-browser from any region, from any place with Internet access. Elimination of inconvenient "public folders" which are replaced by the Public Documents module, with vastly improved organization.
  • Switch from a 'classic back-office' to an information zone with advanced security. The entire Stellberg information base is located on internal servers, which cannot be access from the outside. This is very important since the vast amount of contacts and technical information held by the company is very real asset that requires special security.
  • Group tasks have gotten easier and more coordinated and are accomplished more quickly and with greater accuracy, with better communication and faster response time to minimize snags.
  • A new approach to new training – the corporate portal stores all training material and programs. Testing can now be done with a minimal loss of time and resources.
  • New horizons for communications – the portal serves as a platform for organizing basketball games, fishing trips, and other interests of the employees. This translates into better relations among colleagues.
  • 80 employees are in the Marketing and Sales group. New ideas are shared here. This is a place where those employees can come together and be creative, make work more effective, study faster, and communicate better.

This case study is also available for download in PDF (350 Kb)

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