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United Elements Group: Building Corporate Culture

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details

United Elements Group was founded in 1993 and worked until August 1994 under the name Petrospek. Today the company is one of the leaders in sales and service of air conditioning, ventilation and heating equipment in Russia.

Project Goals

The company determined that an intranet portal was needed to connect its 300+ employees in offices throughout several cities. Only a solution at this level could accomplish the variety of tasks set out by the company:

  • enable efficient, real-time communications to and from employees
  • provide access to the large number of documents which are often urgently needed by sales staff
  • raise loyalty among employees and provide a channel for additional motivation among them.
"United Elements Group is an extremely dynamic and progressive company which exists in a constant state of development and improvement. Last fall we began a complex organization-wide restructuring that required a global overhaul of our information support system and the creation of a wide range of new positions and tasks. In a situation like that, people simply must be informed about what is going on, so that they do not feel left out or intimidated by the changes. We used the portal not only to enable the new changes in the business, but also to explain why we were changing, why we were entering new markets, and to involve employees in the process of change. The role it played and has continued to play has simply been critical." — Olga Zavalevskaya, HR Director of United Elements Group.

Project Developer

The Dialog Information Technology Group is a leader in the sector of enterprise automation in the Russian Northwest. Many years of experience with projects of greatly varying complexity, from logistics of boxed products to automation of huge manufacturing enterprises, allow Dialog IT to work with clients and projects of any size. NetPrime web studio, the implementer of the project, is a subsidiary of Dialog IT which specializes in process automation services including software development and long-term support services. NetPrime has the status of Bitrix Gold Certified Partner.

Platform Choice

Bitrix Intranet After analyzing various software packages available on the market, NetPrime and United Elements Group decided on Bitrix Intranet. The main reason for the choice, according to Mikhail Belyaeva, Director of NetPrime , was the ease of working with the portal, quick install and the wide range of ready communication and collaboration tools available.

"The company was undergoing serious changes, and their internal communications tools were limited to email and a company newspaper. The decision-makers were first and foremost interested in the potential solution's capabilities to enable efficient communications among employees and management. After analyzing the capability of Bitrix Intranet in this area, their decision was made." — said Mikhail.

United Elements Group desired tools that would be effective because they are simple and familiar – social networking, instant messaging, search, forums, and blogs. More than 300 ready components in the product can handle a huge array of tasks and provide the flexibility to change as operations, both daily and non-standard, develop. Employees start working with the intranet almost immediately, and more functions were brought online as users became more savvy.

"We purchased the middle edition of the product with 50 registered users, and expanded functionality and use of the portal in a step-by-step manner, so that the dynamic of implementation and the intranet's impact was demonstrable on paper and stayed fresh in people's minds,"Vladimir Bogdanov, IT Director of United Elements Group.

Simplicity and ease of use
The adaptive interface, which 'remembers' user preferences, lets each user work in an environment customized to his or her activities and habits. Updating news feeds, publishing documents in corporate media, adding and editing photo galleries and modifying the user database happens quicker, simpler, and more accurately thanks to this feature.

Minimal Implementation Time
A ready-to-use intranet with built-in structure and services which installs quickly and can be modified in minimal time to the specifications and nuances required by the client – the Bitrix Intranet was an ideal solution for a large and dynamic company like United Elements Group, which was looking to solve several extremely urgent tasks.

Project Implementation

After a presentation to decision-makers, the company deployed the trial version of the intranet to get a hands-on view of the functionality. Shortly after that, development and customization work began at full speed, continuing for about 2 weeks. Within another month, after population with data was complete, it was put online.

The most interesting and popular feature in the intranet, in the opinion of the employees, is the CEO's blog.

"This is the person who is the initiator and key to everything that's going on in the company. Not only that, but the President directly works with each organizational unit, which is comprised of various work groups. It's important to know that the 'distance' between regular employees and the very top of management is not great. Knowing that provides extra motivation, and learning about the company's future plans and current successes directly from the president makes a large group of people much more of a team,"Victoria Panchenko, PR-Manager.

"The blog, which was first conceived as an 'anti-crisis' tool and was thought to be just an extra feature of the portal, has grown to be practically its most important feature, at least it is the first feature people think of when they think about what's in the intranet. In the statistics section, we see that on days when a new post in the President's blog is made, traffic is nearly double the usual. The blog is actively maintained so that the information is fresh and relevant. The President usually posts 2 days a week, commenting on important events that have occurred," — she continues.

A change in the standard design of the intranet, which United Elements Group completed, was done simultaneously with a global re-imaging project for the company.

"We wanted to reinforce the new image, logo, and color scheme of the company, and make the intranet more 'personalized' at the same time. That's why we changed from the standard design to a customized one,"Victoria Panchenko, PR-Manager at United Elements Group.

"Another interesting part of the installation was the inclusion of two company publications, the United Times, and Uniting the Best into the intranet," recounts Mikhail Belyaev. "This sped up the adoption of the intranet as a genuine internal information space, uniting new employees with the 'old guard' and influencing company life very positively," he says.

Children drawings published
on the United Elements Group Intranet

Corporate Digest issues
available to all employees

"Since the process of installing, customizing, and adopting the intranet went at a fast pace, we intend to expand the user enrollment to all of our employees in 2010. We'll certainly make use of video blogs, the instant messenger, forums and polls. It really makes us glad to hear employees coming to us asking for the activation of these new features," said Victoria.

This case study is also available for download in PDF (2.6 Mb)

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