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Floor-Click.Ru: Intuitive Navigation for a Better Shopping Experience

Deployed on more than 60,000 projects, Bitrix products provide easy to use, effective and highly scalable content management systems and intranet solutions to various industries. Here you can read our recent case studies submitted by our clients and partners. Most of the projects have been developed and are being maintained by Bitrix Partners.

Case Studies

Company Details and Project Goals

Floor-Click.Ru is one of the largest Russian internet stores for flooring. The previous web resource had become obsolete and was not able to attract visitors or convert them to online buyers satisfactorily. The new project was begun with the objective to maximize the number of retail customers to the site and to increase sales volume. Eye-catching features and layout were imperatives as well as a simple design with easy navigation to any product or product section. The new site needed to include the following structural elements as key components:

  • Internet store handling online orders and purchases;
  • Registration of users for order tracking and feedback;
  • Exhaustive information about products and services;
  • Interactive content, with convenient navigation and search;
  • Sharp but simple website design.
Floor-Click.Ru main page

Most of all, company management wanted to rid itself of the chaotic system of sections and subsections of the previous site. The new design of the website needed to be intuitive in navigation and provide fast access to any product information which a customer wants. Also of great importance was the creation of a check-out area that allowed customers to perform price calculations with regard to the amount of a product needed (total area to cover) and to make other changes in the potential order.

The Solution

Bitrix Site Manager
WebProfiters of Moscow, Russia was entrusted with the fulfillment of the project. The company was founded as a web design and promotion agency, with special emphasis on internet marketing strategy and web analytics. WebProfiters do not specialize in a particular client profile, but rather studies the given sector carefully in order to understand the client's goals. Each client is assigned an individual manager, who oversees the project and thus provides personalized service. WebProfiters offers a wide range of services in web development and recommend the Bitrix Site Manager system for business-critical websites. WebProfiters is a Gold Partner of Bitrix.

After a full analysis of the existing site using Google Analytics, a very detailed technical description for site design and development was produced, taking into account user behavior from the previous site. The adjustments made based on analysis of behavior trends from the previous site proved to be very result-bearing, with sales improving markedly. Bitrix Site Manager: Small Business was used in the project for Floor-click. This edition was selected by WebProfiters for the e-commerce module. This product allows virtually any company to launch an internet store and manage its features including orders, stock, delivery, payment types, billing and much more.

"We started working with Bitrix when we were still working as web developers. We realized long ago that building sites on the Bitrix platform is an optimal solution for ourselves, our clients, and for the developers who carry out the projects." - Andrei Yunisov, managing partner of WebProfiters.

The Small Business Edition allows the creation of a large and varied partner network with varying permissions and price levels (wholesale, retail, dealer) and systematization of mark-ups, discounts, currencies, and taxes. Order fulfillment in the system is both transparent and flexible. When an order created, the customer can see the final price accounting for discounts, delivery, and taxes. Notification of changes in order status is sent to both the customer and to the sales department.

Item preview with a calculator

"We worked out the entire functionality of an electronic commerce site with everything from static information to the shopping cart with Bitrix Small Business Edition. A clean and simple design with a convenient user interface and superlative product search was implemented. We're especially proud of the multiple-stage shopping cart which is easy to use, but has an integrated calculator to determine the amount of a product needed and its price, as well as the selection of the delivery day. After an order is made, a sales manager connects with the client and confirms the details. The company's management is very satisfied with the site, which works smoothly and robustly. For our part, we've been very happy for the positive feedback from Floor-Click and its clients," - said Dmitry Tarakhno, Product Manager.

Shopping cart

The new website is a convenient information portal where customers can choose a product and ask advice from a sales specialist to confirm what their needs require. Any user can leave comments about the internet store and also read the feedback of other visitors. The overall appearance of the site, its structure, and navigation have all been significantly improved over the previous site.

Instant feedback form

"Floor-click is very pleased with the graceful design and the completely new site structure which we proposed at the very beginning of our cooperation with them. We didn't even need to make corrections after the site was launched. The result is an exceptional, original website that is pleasant to look at and simple to use. Navigation and intuitiveness are very definite pluses in the new site. I'd like to mention that the new site is much more convenient than the old one, and the conversion rate of visitors to buyers is higher. When employees of the company need to add content such as news, a new product, or answer a client's question, the Bitrix system allows the changes to be made immediately without any special training being necessary. The new site's launch was accompanied immediately by a rise in sales a noticeable rise in the conversation rate of visitors," said Andrei Yunisov, Managing Partner at WebProfiters.

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