How does this help?

Response time is
100 times faster.
Better ranking
search engines
Significant increase in
conversion rate for e-shopping

How does this work?

You won’t notice all of the technical changes - you’ll only see that your site runs faster than others!
Pages are divided into 2 sections: static and dynamic
Loading pages is performed in a completely new way
The static part is cached and is displayed immediately
The user can immediately see and work with the static part
The dynamic part is loaded using background processing and cached in the browser

Bitrix Site Manager

Composite technology can work on any site created on Bitrix Site Manager
Bitrix Site Manager is a professional system for web projects – a universal tool for creating and managing corporate websites, e-commerce sites, information portals, social networking sites, online communities, and other web projects.
If a site is using the composite mode, you will see a button saying:
Faster with Bitrix