Bitrix Site Manager


The Information Blocks module implements a powerful and very flexible means used to store and access information in a diverse number of ways. The module API consists of several high-level functions intended for data access in the public section, and a set of classes encapsulating low-level methods for more specialised solutions. 

Before you start calling any of the module functions or use its classes, you should check its availability and include it using the following code:

   // call module functions here

High level methods

A set of simple is provided that can be used to obtain data for displaying in the public section. These functions require simple parameters and provide the filter presets for easy operation. The functions are configured to return only the values appropriate for the calling location; that is, only values in active state, pertaining to the current site, appropriate for the current access rights etc.

Public high level functions

Method Description
GetIBlockList Returns a list of information blocks. Allows using filters.
GetIBlock Returns an information block by its ID.
GetIBlockElementListEx Returns a list of information block elements. Allows using filters.
GetIBlockElementList Returns a list of information block elements.
GetIBlockElement Returns an information block element by its ID.
GetIBlockSectionList Returns a list of information block folders.
GetIBlockSection Returns a section by its ID.

Low level methods

If the problem is more specific and the above described functions are insufficient to solve the problem, or you need to modify data, you should use a set of classes exposing the full functionality of the Information Blocks module.

Classes of the Information Blocks module

Method Description
CIBlockType Deals with the information blocks types.
CIBlock General information block class.
CIBlockProperty Comprises the information block properties.
CIBlockPropertyEnum Allows access to values of the type LIST.
CIBlockSection Deals with the information block sections.
CIBlockElement Exposes elements and values of their properties.
CIBlockResult Worker class for handling the selection objects.
_CIBElement Worker class for handling the element selection objects.