Bitrix Site Manager


 int page_size=10,
 bool show_all=true,
 int page_number=false

The method NavStringForCache returns the string which uniquely identify the current state of pagewise navigation (number of the current page; display all records or not). The result returned is generally used for building the cache identifier which is used with classes CPageCache and CPHPCache.


page_size Page size (1 or more). Optional; 10 by default.
show_all Specifies to display all records (display the link All in the navigation bar).
Optional; true by default.
page_number Forces the display of the page with the specified number (disregarding the parameters passed on the URL). Optional; false by default (display as is).

Return Values

State identifier.

See Also


// create an instance
$obCache = new CPageCache; 

// caching period of 30 minutes
$life_time = 30*60; 

// create the ID string describing the current state
$nav = CDBResult::NavStringForCache($PAGE_ELEMENT_COUNT);

// create the cache ID depending on the parameters 
// that may affect the resulting HTML
$cache_id = $nav.$ELEMENT_ID.$IBLOCK_TYPE.$USER->GetUserGroupString(); 

// initialise the buffered output
if($obCache->StartDataCache($life_time, $cache_id, "/")):

    // get a list of element
    if ($rsElements = GetIBlockElementList($IBLOCK_ID, $SECTION_ID)):

        // initialise the pagewise navigation

        // display the pagewise navigation
        echo $rsElements->NavPrint($ELEMENT_NAME);

        // iterate on elements
        while ($obElement = $rsElements->GetNextElement()):

            $arElement = $obElement->GetFields();
            $arProperty = $obElement->GetProperties();        

            echo "<pre>"; print_r($arElement); echo "</pre>";
            echo "<pre>"; print_r($arProperty); echo "</pre>";


    // write out the buffered result to the cache file