Bitrix Site Manager


 mixed path = false,
 int start_from = 0, 
 mixed template_path = false

The method GetNavChain returns the HTML code of the navigation chain.

If you do not want some page to display the navigation chain, simply initialise the page property NOT_SHOW_NAV_CHAIN with "Y":

The method GetNavChain supports this property and respects its value.


path Path for which the navigation chain is to be built. In case of multiple sites, if the DOCUMENT_ROOT of the site is different, pass an array in the following format:
array("Site ID", "Path")
Optional. False by default, which means the current site.
start_from Ordinal of item from which to build the chain.
Optional; zero by default.
template_path Path to the navigation chain template.
Optional. The default value is false, which implies searching for the navigation chain template using the algorithm described in the Navigation chain section.

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