Bitrix Site Manager


 string property_name = "title",
 bool strip_tags = true

The method ShowTitle displays the page title.

This method utilizes the delay function technology allowing to define page title (e.g. inside a component) after the site prologue is emitted.


property_name Identifier of the page property whose value is to be printed as the title (effective if the property had been previously set by CMain::SetPageProperty).
Optional; title by default.
strip_tags If true, deletes all HTML tags from the title.
Optional; true by default.

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<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" 
      content="text/html; charset=<?= LANG_CHARSET;?>">
<META NAME="ROBOTS" content="ALL">
<body link="#525252" alink="#F1555A" 
      vlink="#939393" text="#000000">