Bitrix Site Manager


The system kernel is built on functions, events and the following classes.

CMain Represents a page.
CDatabase Used to work with the database.
CDBResult Represents the result of a database query.
CAgent Class to handle agent functions.
CEvent Class to handle mail events.
CEventMessage Class to deal with mail templates.
CEventType Class to handle mail event types.
CFile Used to handle files and images.
CUser Class to deal with the user-specific information.
CGroup Class to deal with the user groups.
CSite Used to manage sites.
CLanguage Class to handle languages of the system.
CMainPage Class for use with index page.
CMenu Class to handle menu.
CModule Class to handle modules.
COption Class to handle module parameters stored in the database.
CPageOption Class to handle page parameters.
CPageCache Used to cache the HTML result of the script execution.
CPHPCache Used to cache PHP variables and HTML results of script execution.